Baccarat Variants

Baccarat is one of the most popular and played casino games in the world, so much so that the official version comes with variations.
The original version of the baccart is actually what is called Chemin de Fer, to this we add the European Baccarat, the American Baccarat, and its further variant of the Punto Banco, and the latest in the range the Mini-Baccarat prevalent in casinos online.

Besides these more known variants there are also minor variations that we will analyze one by one.

The different versions of Baccarat best known and appreciated vary depending on the country in which you are playing, in fact each country has its own tradition and the most popular version will prefer to have fun.
The lowest common denominator in this game is the simplicity of the rules which in principle are always the same for everyone.
The total score to be achieved must be 9 or as close as possible and the three main variations differ from each other in small details.
Let’s analyze them together.

Chemin de Fer

What makes the Chemin de Fer special is that the role of the player and the dealer is taken in rotation, there is no bank that in fact renounces the profit by applying a fee and 5%, generally, on the winnings on the bank.
So practically in turn all players can be bankers.
This game was born in France and is also considered the original Baccarat, the peculiarity of the game makes it still one of the most popular versions in land and online casinos.
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European baccarat

The European baccart is the variant born in England, the casino takes the role of the dealer, decides the minimum import of bets and collects a 5% commission on the winning winners on the bench.
In this version the player and the dealer can stay or ask for a card if they have a total of 5 in their hands.

American Baccarat and Punto Banco

In the American Baccarat the casino plays the role of the dealer, as in the European version, on the winnings on the bets on the bank are subjected to a commission of 5%.
Usually in this version there is a bet limit, in case the limit is too high it is recommended to choose a different table that accepts lower bets.
The Punto Banco works exactly like the American baccarat and the only difference between the two games lies in the shape of the table.

There are also “minor” Baccarat variants

Baccarat en Banque

This baccarat is similar to Punto Banco and the only difference with this is that the player receives two hands while the dealer only one.

Private Baccarat

Similar to American Baccarat the difference is that the player to beat the dealer must win twice in a row.

Super Pan Nine

In this baccarat the player gets 3 cards covered instead of 2 and the figures, the 7 and the 10 are worth zero, the rest of the game works as always.


The Mini-Baccara has been born for a short time but it has quickly won an important success because it is a fast game, it is played with a maximum of 7 players and there are very high betting limits.
This was the real revolution in the advent of online baccarat so as to become one of the most loved and appreciated variations by players all over the world.
This variant is ideal for beginners.

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