How to win at Baccarat – Game strategies and techniques

The casino games are very different and different from each other, some require a good dose of luck, such as slot machines or keno, others of the game strategies, such as blackjack that, in the offline version, is realized in card counting.

Baccarat stands out from the balckjack because the strategies of this game can not be applied to baccarat if you want to play strategically and then win.
Despite the absence of concrete strategies, there are betting options and game skills that can help in strategic planning to play at its best. In fact, although luck plays an important role in the game it is also true that the final outcome does not depend only on this.

Like any casino game the systems that apply to baccarat relate to the betting systems and the ability, but also practicality, to manage the game budget by being able to spend less and increase the game sessions instead, in this guide we want to list some simple game strategies that we use ourselves every time we sit at the green table.

Simple guide for beginners to win at Baccarat

Manage your money better

If you believe you enter a casino and play a few hands at an online casino and get out of it quickly, you will probably face a huge disappointment.
In truth the disappointment the meeting even if you believe that there are winning strategies that guarantee victory.
The best strategy also lies in the ability to wisely manage your gaming budget to maximize your gaming sessions.
In fact, the ideal is to bet small amounts of money and be able to play longer. The advantage of the bank in baccarat has a 1% advantage, if your budget is 500euro and you bet about 10euro by hand then the hands you can play are around 50.

Based on the calculations according to the bank’s margin of victory on the player in theory in two hours between winnings and losses you should have spent about 10 euros.

Never bet on the draw

If there is a certainty in the online baccarat world this is that 9 out of 10 bets that bet on the draw lose.
It is true that if the winning happens it is important but it is so rare that what you win most probably does not pay back what was lost in previous bets.

Bet on the bank

Some beginner players do not want to bet on the bank because of the 5% commission but in truth the dealer has an advantage over the player, which is why this is often the most suitable bet.
If you bet on a bet 100 on the dealer you win in truth you receive 0.95.
The banker wins at 50.68%, a minimum superiority apparently but always higher than that of the player.
The chances of defeat are around 49.32% for which the advantage of the bank is 1.17%. Here we explain 5% of the commission, the bank protects 1% profit.

Choose sabot with 6 decks

Rather than wagering at tables with sabot that contain 8 decks it is preferable to bet tables with 6 decks.
In fact, some casinos apply a commission of 4% rather than 5.
This change restricts the bank’s margin of victory by almost 0.5% on the best possible bet, namely the one on the bank.

Stop playing if you have reached your goal (or lost)

The ability to manage the gaming budget also implies being able to recognize when to stop playing, and if you are winning and losing.
Set goals, win, and a budget beyond which you do not go in case you’ve lost it.
Do not deposit more money if you have lost everything, come back another day, sometimes luck is not on our side and we can not cope with this otherwise if you do not stop playing and try again another day.

Have a good time!

Casino games should keep you entertained and should not be experienced as a way to get rich quick.
This basic rule also applies to baccarat. Make the game enjoyable and do not spend more than one or two hours a day on this game, and on all the others, making sure you never lose sight of the real goal of online games: fun.