Baccarat system from MGM 2012

Is there Really a Baccarat Betting Strategy that Makes Consistent Winnings?
YES! Our Interceptor System will Make You a Consistent Winner Playing Baccarat!

If you have arrived here, you are obviously trying to determine if there really is a Baccarat Betting Strategy and Method that will make you successful playing this game… right? A game that once was only being played by the Rich and Famous is now as popular as the game of Blackjack, possibly even more. With the ever growing popularity of Baccarat, you are realizing that once you have played this game, the Odds of Winning can sometimes be in your favor. Well, guess what… they can be… YOU can be winning on a consistent basis! Creating order from the chaos that evolves from a Baccarat Shoe takes employing a Playing Methodology and a companion Betting Methodology technologies that work in concert together, and of course some finely honed… patience and discipline on your part!

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of Junk systems out there, some say that Counting the values of the cards that come out will bring you winning profits, others say that just playing the Bank hand is what you need to do. We’ve analyzed all of them. After Eight years of REAL and PURE RESEARCH using computer simulations, spreadsheet analysis, and actually playing at LIVE tables using winning strategies. We have come up with something that will really amaze you in it’s effectiveness and we’ll prove that by showing you ACTUAL shoes we played using the strategies, methods and systems we’ve developed, NOT TRUMPED-UP shoes massaged to look good, REAL ACTUAL SHOES!