The Definite Guide to Winning at Baccarat

Learning how to play baccarat takes time, the result of each hand is independent of the decisions you make, there are no strategies that work that can influence the outcome of the game, unlike, for example, blackjack, where you can apply a strategy choosing when to stay and when to call.

Baccarat also uses a method to determine the winner. If in blackjack, all you have to do is count the face value of the cards, with Jack, Queens and Kings being worth 10, the count in Baccarat is less intuitive.
Only cards 2 to 9 have a nominal value. the figures have a value of zero and the axes 1.
On the first turn the first two cards are dealt face down, and we must add the values ​​to get closer to 9.

If for example we have two cards, a 7 and a 9 for a total value of 16, then the dozen will have to fall and we are holding a 6. Your goal is to bet on the hand that is closest to 9,
Even the dealer receives some cards. If both of them did 8 or 9 then the “natutral” is realized and the cards are shown, who has 9 wins. If both the dealer and the player have the same value, those who bet on the tie win.
In case you do not have the 8 or the 9 instead the options are two, stay (usually if you have 6 or 7) or call a third card, from 5 down.

Although the rules may seem more complex than blackjack in truth the best thing to do is to decide how to bet – on the player, on the bench, or on a tie. Everything else happens automatically.

With this in mind, here are my top 10 tips to win baccarat online, simple tips to improve your game strategy.

Familiarize yourself with the odds of winning at Baccarat

Surely, as in all casino games. it is possible to play without having the faintest idea of ​​the payout percentages, but this is already an anti-strategy in itself. But if you want to play seriously then it is good to start with this consideration.

Bets on the bench
Odds of winning: 45.843%
Edge of the house: 1.06%

Betting on the player
Winning odds: 44.615%
House edge: 1.24%

Betting on the tie
Winning odds: 9.543%
House edge: 14.36%

Do not bet on a tie

The first thing that is clear from the information in the paragraph above is that betting on the draw is the worst choice, the dealer has a high margin. So why do so many players opt for this bet? Because he pays 9 to 1.
A few chances but if it happens the win is exceptional. But I remember that this possibility is achieved once in 1 hands.

Bottom line: bets on a draw could pay big. But it is much more likely to waste your bankroll on what professional Baccarat players consider a bad bet.

Bet on the counter

In addition to deciding the amount of the bet, the other decision you have to make is whether to bet the dealer or the player, since we have excluded the tie.

This should be an easy decision. Just check the margins of the house to understand that the best solution is to bet on the bank that has margins slightly higher than the player. Assuming that there is a 5% commission (tax) statistically speaking this is the best choice.


Betting on the player when …

It seems in apparent contradiction with what has been written up to now, but there are situations in which it is recommended to bet on the player.
This choice is to be made when the player applies a system of progressive bets, which we do not recommend as very risky, such as the Martingale.

Let’s assume that you bet on the dealer, and that this loses 4 bets in a row, for the first bets you will progressively bet $ 25, $ 50, $ 100, and $ 200 (doubling the bet after each loss). On the fifth hand you have to wager $ 400.

In the first four bets, you lose $ 375, we admit that with the fifth bet you win you receive a payment of $ 380 ($ 200 commission at 5%), the profit would be only $ 5.
If this same situation occurred by betting on the player the profit would be $ 25 compared to the 5 that remain due to the commission to be paid.
As you can see, however, the progressive strategy is not a great resource but rather it is very risky. Reason why I still recommend not to apply it.

Do not use betting systems

In truth I have already explained it on, they are very risky and will go bankrupt even faster than it can happen without. You can use all the systems you want but no one will be able to tell you what is infallible, because infallible systems do not exist.
The betting systems are mainly two: positive progressive systems (increases at every winnings and decreases at each loss) and negative progressive systems, increases at every loss and decreases at every winnings. None of these will give you more chances of earning, but they will do exactly the opposite.

Set a profit beyond which not to go (and also a loss)

Budget management is essential when gambling, before starting the game session it is essential to define a limit, win and loss beyond which to go.
If for example the goal is € 50 and after 1 hour of play we have earned them, then turn off the computer and go back another day or risk losing it in the next 5 minutes,
The same thing for the losses, do not be influenced by the idea that sooner or later luck will turn.
You could lose 100, only 30 minutes later.

Do not play automatically

Exactly as for the slots it is possible to set up the games automatically, managing to play more than 10 hands in a minute.
The brain is not used and the emotions are anesthetized. Except then be with a debt greater than what is desired.
Play consciously and set your limit. Play smart. Slow down and surely you will earn more, the rush has never been a good adviser.

Switch betting patterns

This means that you do not have to follow the betting schemes like those mentioned above but instead invites you to try, for example, to vary bets, two on player, two on the bench and one on draw and so on. There are no mathematical methods that support its validity but maybe you will be able to draw your own method.
It is also possible to bet by following the patterns, for example betting on the player when the dealer wins three hands in a row, etc. Even if you have to adopt a bet model, this will not increase your chances of winning, but at least it makes the game more intriguing.

Understand commissions when you bet on the bank

If you are going to bet on the counter it is important to remember that there are commissions to pay, but it is also important to know that some bets limit the size of the commission. Let’s say for example that we want to bet € 11 on the counter, if the bank wins € 10.25 is won because € 0.75 is the commission, even if 5% would be € 0.55.
The reason is that in this case the rounding fee is applied, ie 0.25 to 0.25.
On the other hand, if you bet € 1 the commission would be 0.25 which is 25% of the bet which is much more than 5%.
Casinos take a higher commission on low bets. This is why it is good to understand which commission is applied and on which figures.

These are our tips to play better at Baccarat and optimize gaming sessions. What other tips are useful?